Bronze Marker

  • Bronze memorials are a beautiful choice that many families choose
  • Our Bronze Memorials can be personalized just like our granite products
  • You can provide photographs that can be added to your loved one’s memorial
  • You can pick emblems that represent important remembrances
  • Different font choices and borders can also be chosen
  • Epitaphs, bible verses and other text can be added to these bronze memorials
  • Our bronze memorials have a protective barrier, called a diamond shield. The protective barrier helps your memorial to maintain the original bronze finish and helps prevent chemical and moisture exposure for many years.
  • Bronze markers meet the cemetery regulations at all area cemeteries, including Memorial Park cemetery on Military Road and Mt Olive Cemetery on the East Pike, for example.

Do you need to add date of death to an existing bronze marker?  

Just fill out our form and call us before you mail it back to confirm the style of date you need!