Cremation Options

Many families are choosing cremation over traditional burials. These families can still remember their lost loved ones with a memorial. The options a family has will vary depending on the final resting area the family has chosen.

Cemeteries allow cremation remains to be buried on plots designated just for that person and many allow cremation remains to be added to other family member’s grave locations. Other options include being added to columbarium niches and Urn Gardens.

It is never too soon to set up a visual symbol in beautiful surroundings that will perpetuate cherished memories. Beautiful memorials don’t just happen. They require forethought and planning.

Many families make their memorial selections in advance so that decision-making can be done together and can be eliminated during a time of stress. Whether a memorial purchase is made prior to need or at the time of need, you will want to be familiar with the many cremation memorial options that are available.

Cremation Memorials give you and the generations that follow much satisfaction. Permanent memorialization not only provides a lasting tribute to a loved one, but also gives peace of mind and a place of pilgrimage. It also ensures that the remains of your loved one have a permanent resting place and are taken care of and not lost by future generations of the family because of neglect, accidental misplacement of the remains or the passing of all remaining family members, who would care enough to care for the remains. Caring about and remembering others are what life and memorializing are all about.
A columbarium is an indoor or outdoor wall containing niches. A niche is defined as a recessed compartment designed to hold urns. Columbariums may be an entire building, a room, a wall along a corridor or a series of special alcoves or halls in a mausoleum, chapel, or other buildings located in a cemetery or on other dedicated property. Niches come in many sizes with a selection of fronts such as glass, marble, bronze, granite, or mosaic. Glass fronts may be clear, tinted, frosted, or etched. Some columbarium niches are designed for specific size urns while others may contain a double size space for two urns or even larger niches for multiple urns. Some clear glass fronted niches allow meaningful memorabilia to be placed inside along with the urn.