Ordering VA Plaques

Are you a family member of a veteran?

  • You can order them a Veterans grave marker or emblem free of charge, if they have passed away. This link to the US Department of Veterans Affair will help you get started: http://www.cem.va.gov/cem/hmm/order_instructions.asp    This link has pictures of what your grave marker choices are too, so be sure to navigate to those options, once you get to the web site.
  • You basically need to gather the Veterans DD214 form (military discharge paper), fill out a form and mail it to the government.
  • The Bronze Markers and Emblem choices can be mounted to the Veteran’s monument. If your cemetery allows, we suggest this option because it keeps the Veteran’s marker off the ground and away from getting damaged, when the grass is cut.
  • Your local Veterans Office is another source of information. They are very helpful and can answer many questions and help families fill out the forms. See the links below.

County Veterans Services

(Click on the county you wish to get information)

Topics to think about

  • eagleIf your Veteran family member is available to talk to, ask them if they have a preference of grave marker style, since there are choices.
  • The marble option may not be readable in future years, if it is placed in a climate that has winter weather, such as snow and ice.
  • Find the Veteran’s discharge paperwork (DD214) BEFORE your loved one passes away and file it with his/her estate paperwork.
  • Some cemeteries will install the Veteran markers for free. Check with your cemetery to see if they provide this service, and if they do, which version they will install for free.
  • Mudgett’s Monuments can install Veteran’s markers on your monument or in the ground for a minimal cost. Just call us to get current pricing.

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