The majority of the vases we offer are manufactured out of exterior quality die cast aluminum. This type of casting offers a very strong and durable product. This process is similar to how expensive automotive wheel rims are made. The vase metal is sealed utilizing a military specification conversion coating process developed for aluminum. This process protects against corrosion, while creating a bond to the decorative finishes. The final clear coat is UV stable.

The vases on this page have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, which gives you peace of mind that our vase will stand the test of time.  We also offer many types of granite vases to complement your monument when your headstone design needs a little something extra to complete the overall look.

  • Vases do come in a wide range of colors that need to be seen in person to appreciate their beauty!
  • Average price range of $130 to $200 a pair
  • Vase types shown below are: Upright Memorial Vases, Lawn/Flush ground, Wall Mounted Vases and Memory Lights
  • Memorial Light and Embossed Emblems are available – call 740-872-3304 for details!

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