Mudgett's Monuments, LLC - Benches


Our benches are made out of granite and will last the test of time.

Mudgett's Monuments, LLC - Bevel


Bevel Monuments, sometimes called “pillow” markers, are slightly raised in the back.

Mudgett's Monuments, LLC - Bronze Markers

Bronze Markers

Bronze markers are a popular metal for a wide variety of memorials, statues, and other historical markers.

Mudgett's Monuments, LLC - Bronze / Aluminum Plaques

Bronze / Aluminum Plaques

These plaques can be installed inside or outside and do have protective finishing agents sprayed on them. This finish gives them resistance to the weather and helps delay the aging process.

Mudgett's Monuments, LLC - Cremation Options

Cremation Options

Many families are deciding that cremation is the best choice for them. This choice opens up many ways to memorialize your loved one.

Mudgett's Monuments, LLC - Flush/Flat Grave Markers

Flush/Flat Grave Markers

These are installed even with the ground, with the face level with the ground.

Mudgett's Monuments, LLC - Slant Marker

Slant Marker

Slant monuments offer visibility from a distance and the ability to engrave on the back.