At Mudgett's Monuments, LLC we believe you deserve to make the best possible decisions. Join the growing number of families who are making the decision to pre-plan their monument. Once the plans for your memorial have been made you will feel ever so much better. Below are a few very thought provoking reasons to consider prearranging your memorial.

What happens when people don’t do any planning for their own deaths?

Your close family members are forced to handle countless details. They must notify people, choose a funeral home, and make arrangements with a cemetery (to name a few). All this at a time when they are emotionally upset. That’s why responsible, caring people plan every detail, including choice of the family memorial, well in advance.

Doing so is perfectly logical and sensible. It is part of an effort that many Americans are making to get control of their own lives. There is nothing morbid or even sad about it.

After all, why plan so carefully for when you are alive and then leave everything to chance the moment you die?

Have a say in one of the most permanent decisions you will make in your life.

Many people find it difficult to buy even the simplest gifts for their spouse. “Would she really like this ring or prefer another?” “Would he rather have a striped or solid tie?” In life you can always ask and you can exchange a bad selection. however, choosing a memorial after a family member has died is another matter. Would he or she like it? You can only guess.

Choosing a memorial should reflect mutual tastes and wishes. It is, after all, the most permanent purchase you will ever make. Some people include the whole family in selecting the memorial – this is a good idea. You’d be surprised at how much better everyone feels at a sad time when these decisions have been made together.

Choosing a memorial now can help avoid unintended setbacks in estate planning.

Most people realize the importance of estate planning. What fewer realize is that estate planning isn’t complete without memorial planning. As a result, the surviving spouse is often left with the burden of choosing and paying for a memorial. By choosing your memorial now, you can avoid this difficult situation.

Make the decisions you want and avoid the pressure for your loved ones.

Advanced planning allows the family to choose a memorial of high quality and lasting value at a reasonable price. This way you can take your time evaluating each possible choice, without being susceptible to high pressure from eager salespeople.

Avoid rising costs.

Most people don’t buy insurance to cover funeral expenses. The money is intended to provide for their family’s future. By planning and purchasing your memorial in advance, you can be certain that savings and insurance funds will be used as intended. buying at today’s prices will also protect against rising costs.

Every death comes as something of a shock.

All of us die “unexpectedly.” Even those who have cared for the terminally ill will tell you that every death comes as something of a shock. Immediately, there are countless things to do and not enough time in which to do them all. This is why you should not delay planning for the events and necessities associated with death. If you have ever been faced with the task of making arrangements for someone who did not do so, you will know how important this planning is. The plans made can always be changed as life progresses. Do not however, chance the unexpected any longer.