Bronze markers are attached to a piece of granite and are installed with the face level with the ground. Bronze markers are a popular metal for a wide variety of memorials, statues, and other historical markers. Our bronze markers have protective finishing agents sprayed on them. This finish gives them resistance to the weather and helps delay the aging process to the greenish patina that bronze markers age to. Unfortunately, no bonze finish will last forever. If a bronze memorial has aged, families do have the option to look into refinishing the bronze to its former “like new“ look.

Bronze markers are the preferred flush marker choice, over granite, due to how weather minimally affects the readability of the text over time and, thereby, requires minimal care over the long term. Bronze marker cost price points are more than comparable size granite flush grave markers. The many families that choice granite flush grave markers should not worry that their monument choice will be unreadable in the future. They will just need to clean the granite flat markers more often.

Our bronze markers are approved for all cemeteries including:

  • Zanesville Memorial Park
  • Life Remembered Cemetery – Zanesville, Ohio
  • Guernsey County Memory Gardens
  • Mt. Olive Cemetary – Zanesville, Ohio
  • All other cemeteries not listed

You do not have to buy a cemetery monument from the cemetery. Families are free to purchase markers from any monument retailer.

Mudgetts Monuments Bronze Marker Memorials