Many families are deciding that cremation is the best choice for them. This choice opens up many ways to memorialize your loved one. Choosing cremation still allows families to create final tributes to the one they lost. Cemeteries allow the ashes to be buried and that special person to be remembered. Any monument can be created to allow the departed to be remembered, the living to mourn the lost and the cremains, your loved one, to have a safe and final resting space forever.

  • Granite monuments can hold and protect the ashes.
  • Urns can hold the cremains until you are ready to find a final resting location.
  • Any monument can mark a grave or final resting space. In this case, the ashes would be buried and the monument installed on the grave area, the same way a traditional burial would be marked.

Scattering the ashes is always an option, but be aware that many laws prohibit this practice and the final resting spot chosen might end up, in future years, to be turned into a parking lot, warehouse, or subdivision or maybe sold to another family, if the ashes were put on a family farm or on your private property. Scattering leaves, those left behind, no place to visit the memory of your lost family or friend.

Our culture’s trend toward cremation still calls for a memorial to the person we will miss and love. The practice will ensure a place to safely mark the final resting location of the ashes and have a place for our future family to see how this person touched the world and people he or she loved.

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